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jumavis® for first time on the international stage

A few weeks ago, jumavis® ventured onto the big international stage for the first time. From April 23 to 26, 2024, the young company presented itself at the „36th Control“, the international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart.

„It was a great challenge for us and our stage fright was enormous,“ says Johanna Unrath, Managing Director of the specialist for optical quality control, founded in 2022, „but just a few hours after the opening of the “Control 2024”, the nervousness gave way to great joy. The interest shown by many trade fair visitors in us, our services and products was overwhelming“.

The jumavis® team made every effort to offer trade fair visitors something interesting. Even from a distance, „movement“ was visible on the stand. A cobot installation with „Gocator 3D sensors“ from LMI Technologies demonstrated the future of fully automated optical quality control. Combined with AI-based software, systems of this kind can revolutionize the monitoring of product quality and help manufacturers advance into completely new quality dimensions.

The second „highlight“ was provided by jumavis® partner „DeltaPix“. At three workstations the team around CEO Steen Oersted presented hers latest developments – including the revolutionary DPX M12000 – a high-precision, fully automated digital microscope that offers image quality and functions such as 3D topography, high depth of field, auto-stitching, automatic scanning and much more, which is a novelty in this price range. DeltaPix also presented two extremely economical systems with a range of functions adjusted to the respective requirements.

A trade fair is not just about presenting new products and services, it is also a social event. The opportunity to look each other in the eye and experience the sensor or software at work under (almost) real conditions has a completely different quality to an online meeting or a phone call. Over the four days of the trade fair in Stuttgart, many visitors were able to gain an impression of jumavis®’s expertise, performance and extensive range of products.

„We were particularly pleased with the great interest shown by visitors who were previously unfamiliar with jumavis®,“ says Johanna Unrath, „but we also saw many familiar faces.“ „All in all, we see it as the right decision to exhibit at “Control 2024” and are already looking forward to the next opportunity, the “Vision 2024”, which will take place in Stuttgart from October 8 to 10, 2024.“

„My heartfelt thanks go to our team, which was already very committed in the run-up to the trade fair, provided perfect consulting service during the trade fair and is now also handling the many contacts and inquiries after the trade fair with great care.“

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