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Polytec hands over part of the company

After more than 20 years, Polytec GmbH, based in Waldbronn, Germany, will end its sales activities for machine vision components on July 31, 2022. The newly founded company jumavis GmbH will take over the portfolio and continue the business with a new team.

„We have decided to part with the components division, which has been successful until recently, because we want to further strengthen and expand our core business in the area of complex optical measurement technology, systems and solutions,“ explains Dr. Dirk Samiec, business unit manager in the Photonics business division. The complete product range of machine vision will be taken over by jumavis GmbH with Managing Director Johanna Unrath. „Our employee Johanna Unrath has helped shape machine vision at Polytec for 16 years and she was the heart of the department for many years. She knows all facets of the business and most of our customers and partners personally. We are very pleased to be able to provide our valued customers with a competent, reliable and trustworthy new partner in jumavis GmbH.“
The team that has been in charge of machine vision at the Waldbronn-based measurement technology company will continue to work at Polytec with new tasks. Existing customer orders will still be handled by Polytec or transferred to jumavis at the customer’s request. Polytec will remain responsible for existing warranty and service claims.