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New at jumavis® – the Navitar® ZOOM 7000-2

The reliability of optical quality control stands and falls depended on the quality of the „eye“ – it determines whether what is important is also seen.

With the Navitar® ZOOM 7000-2, jumavis® partner Navitar® introduces a macro lens that enters new spheres of quality. For over 45 years, Navitar® has been a leading manufacturer of standard and customized optics, optomechanical subassemblies and optoelectronic technologies and systems and has built up a good reputation in optical quality control over these years.

Launched in 2008, the Navitar® Zoom 7000 has now undergone a comprehensive redesign to further enhance the imaging quality of this legendary and reliable lens with a focal length range of 18 – 111 mm. The Navitar® ZOOM 7000-2, the next generation of the macro lens, has been redesigned, refined and optimized for demanding applications in machine vision, life science and research following optimized and more precise manufacturing capabilities.

With its exceptional optical performance, this versatile, close-focusing lens delivers outstanding image quality across a range of magnification ranges. Its robust construction ensures reliability even in demanding environments while offering excellent value for money and flexibility.

● 18 – 111 mm focal length with manual zoom
● Working distance 5” to infinity
● Parfocal across entire zoom range
● Image capture of objects larger than 1” ø
● Compatible with sensors 2/3” or smaller
● Dimensions: 67 x 178,2 mm
● Mount: C-Mount
● Weight: 840 grams

Would you like to know more about the Navitar® ZOOM 7000-2 and its wide range of applications? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.