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New at jumavis® – Assembly systemsfor pharmaceutical and food industries

jumavis® sees itself as a system supplier and offers its customers comprehensive solutions, even for difficult tasks. Every optical quality control system needs a reliable and functional mounting system. It must be possible to integrate the precise system components easily, well protected and reliably positioned into a stable overall system.

Everyone knows the problem: space must often be created for the optical quality control system, which is equipped with sensitive components, in cramped and unfavorable conditions in the production plant, in which the optimal illumination, the ideal camera angle and reliable passage of the test parts are possible.

The specialists of jumavis® know the right solutions here and, together with our partner autoVimation, which has won the “Karlsruhe TechnologyFactory Innovation Award” several times, we offer mounting systems, protective housings and a wide range of accessories which allows to use image processing systems almost under any environmental conditions. This extends to extreme temperature ranges, for which camera housings with water cooling systems or Peltier air conditioning are required. Our solutions are as versatile as the tasks involved.

In the pharmaceutical and food industries we have very special requirements. Absolute hygiene and maximum chemical resistance are required there. With the autoVimation Hygienic Machine Vision-Building Kit, jumavis® offers its customers a freely configurable V4A mounting system with hygienic all-round protection for complete systems with seals between all metallic parts and IP69K protection of the entire system by routing the cables within the mounting components.

This provides our customers a certified solution that meets all national and international standards and even saves time and money thanks to the intelligent use of prefabricated parts from the sophisticated autoVimation modular system.

Curious? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our experienced team will find the right solution for your specific requirements.