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jumavis® launches new homepage!

The first months of jumavis® were dedicated to stormy growth. We are very grateful that this first important step succeeded so well. Fortunately, a lot of former Polytec customers put their trust in us and we even got new customers. We thank all our customers and look forward to a long and successful cooperation.

Due to the great success since the foundation of the company on August 1, 2022, some other important things took a back seat – our customers come first. That is the case and will remain so. That’s why we are particularly pleased that we were able to go live with our new homepage on February 1, 2023.
The first step has been taken, the English homepage will follow in a few weeks and gradually we will also include our large range of high-quality components for industrial image processing with detailed information on the product pages. We ask our prospective customers and customers for some patience and guarantee to shine by particularly intensive personal consultation, until it is so far. In each product category in the menu bar you will find an „Inquiry Button“.

We are looking forward to these buttons being used intensively.