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jumavis® cooperates with camera manufacturer Optronis – Innovative boost for high-speed recordings

jumavis® relies on future-oriented technology to be at the forefront in the high-speed sector. It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Optronis GmbH from Kehl, a renowned manufacturer of high-speed cameras.

The decision for Optronis GmbH is based on their excellent reputation and their leading position in high-speed camera technology. The new „CamPerform series“ offers groundbreaking performance that enables precise and detailed recordings of very fast movements.

The small housings of the „CamPerform series“ (C-Mount, F-Mount, M42-Mount etc.) are equipped with CoaXPress interface version 2.0 to transfer up to 12.5 Gbps image data per channel (max. 4 channels). The cameras offer resolutions from 1 to 65 megapixels with frame rates of up to 3518 fps.

The image data is transmitted via standardized interfaces such as CoaXPress or CameraLink. This allows image processing in real time, which is why Optronis cameras are used for industrial monitoring tasks with particularly high performance where the human eye reaches its limits.

jumavis® customers can look forward to a significant improvement in recording speed and image quality. With its robust design and user-friendly operation, the „CamPerform series“ is particularly suitable for demanding applications.

The partnership between jumavis® and Optronis GmbH underlines our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with first-class technology and innovative services.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dirk Schoch, Sales Manager of Optronis GmbH, and Johanna Unrath, Managing Director of jumavis GmbH, seal the cooperation between the two companies with a handshake.