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jumavis® becomes exclusive European distributor of the high-power LED manufacturer SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION

jumavis® is now the European general distributor of the American high-power LED manufacturer SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION.

So jumavis® provides as of now its customers exclusively throughout Europe particularly high-intensity lighting for unusual product sizes, large working distances and large image fields in its product range.

Furthermore, our comprehensive range includes waterproof and food-safe illumination systems for demanding applications, such as in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Lighting systems with various designs and in sizes that significantly exceed „normal“ dimensions cover even unusual requirements. For example, dome lights with a diameter of 85 cm or modular line lights with a length of more than 4 meters are possible.

With its strong partner SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION, jumavis® can implement customer-specific solutions very quickly. And this also under extraordinary and highly specialized requirements.

Curious? Then don’t hesitate and read our comprehensive collection of case studies with application examples of SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION lighting systems for solving some extremely challenging tasks.