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jumavis® advises and plans – right from project start

Industrial production is changing rapidly – due to expanded technical possibilities, a shortage of skilled workers and competitive pressure, automation is often the only way to remain successful on the market.

The efficient use of optical quality control systems is therefore becoming an important competitive advantage. Faster – more accurate – more efficient and ideally connected directly with the control of the production system – this is the infrastructure of optical quality control systems in the future.
In order to integrate such systems efficiently and economically into the production process, it makes sense to involve specialists as early as possible. The jumavis® team supports your planning of new production facilities with expertise in optical quality control – right from the start. This saves costs and increases integration quality and efficiency.

The jumavis® team knows the market, the current technical possibilities and, thanks to our close contact with developers and manufacturers, we occasionally take a look into the future. In our planning, we place particular emphasis on the integration of real-time monitoring systems. This allows us to identify potential quality problems at an early stage and make immediate adjustments to minimize rejects and maximize product quality. The solution developed can be integrated in advance into a virtual model of the production system (digital twin) to check their efficiency.

Where possible, we are already using innovative approaches such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to further increase the performance of optical quality control. Our solutions evolve with technological progress.

Curious? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Even if yours planning lies far in the future.